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Jacked Kirby

Nov 30, 2023

The boys discuss the two-issue Radio (later Archie) Comics series The Double Life Of Private Strong, created by Joe Simon in 1959. What did Kirby bring to the character? What did we think about these stories? How do they connect to other Simon & Kirby works? Listen and find out!
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Nov 22, 2023

Just in time for Thanksgiving, it’s The Gravy Boat! Uh, we mean, THE GLORY BOAT! Our friend John Cocozza, the proprietor of New Jersey’s Ross Brewing, joins us to discuss this 1971 New Gods arch that starts with the Deep Six Gang and ends on the aforementioned Glory Boat! It’s some epic Fourth World Kirby goodness...

Nov 16, 2023

Comic book creator DAN PANOSIAN joins us this week to talk comics, his career, art, Jack Kirby, and more! A 30+ year veteran of the industry, Dan has a unique perspective on all facets of making comics, advertising art, video games, and lots more! 
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Nov 9, 2023

Comic artist Andy McDonald (Marvel, DC, and more!)  is back on the show with us, and this time we’re discussing the role original art plays in the livelihood of working comic artists, as well as Jack Kirby’s struggles to get his original art returned from Marvel back in the day. 
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Nov 2, 2023

This week, we’re joined by writer SEAN HOWE, who’s 2012 book ‘Marvel Comics: The Untold Story' has become a valuable reference in the current… and ongoing… Marvel Comics Stan Lee/Jack Kirby debate. So we'll discuss that, as WELL as his brand new book ‘Agents Of Chaos: Thomas King Forçade, High Times, and...