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Jacked Kirby

Feb 24, 2021

Episode 96- “Wanda & Peter”

‘WandaVision’ fever has taken ahold of the Jacked Kirby boys! Mike D. & TL decide to explore the use of Wanda & Peter Maximoff on film and TV, while also discussing their comic book debut in Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men issue 4 (1964)! Also, Jack & Stan’s push for diversity, comics on...

Feb 10, 2021

Episode 95- “Hangin’ with N. Steven Harris!”
Comic artist N. Steven Harris (Darkhorse, DC, Marvel) joins Tommy & Mike D. to talk art, diversity in comics, being a black creator, influences, drawing your favorite characters, and meeting your heroes! It’s a fun, informative conversation with a great artist! 

Feb 10, 2021

Episode 94- “Rockin’ with Joey Cassata!”

Joey Cassata (musician, writer, actor) sits down to talk with Mike D. & Tommy about his comic book collection, collector culture, contracts, music, TV, self-publishing, and of course Jack Kirby! 
You can follow Joey on Instagram RIGHT HERE;

Feb 3, 2021

Episode 93- “Hercules!”

“The madness must be upon thee... to dare defy the will of Hercules!”
Artist and author GEORGE O’CONNOR (The Olympians) joins Mike D. & Tommy to discuss the introduction of Harcules (and Greek mythology) into the Marvel Universe with the first Journey Into Mystery Annual (1965)!...