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Jacked Kirby

Jul 27, 2023

We’re happy to have our friend Steve “The Dude” Rude back on the show with us for a deep, insightful, inspiring conversation that goes beyond comics (although we talk about those, too)! Steve shares with us some Kirby stories, talks about writing Nexus solo for the first time, and asks US very...

Jul 19, 2023

This week, we’re joined by EVAN HUSNEY (producer/co-creator of TV’s Dark Side Of The Ring & Tales From The Territories, co-host of the movie podcast One Fucking Hour, and archivist of Power Comics); we talk about how he went from Troma to making his own TV shows, genre movies, wrestling, Jack Kirby collecting, and...

Jul 14, 2023

This episode, we talk to prolific comic book scribe JASON AARON! We discuss his career in comics, the challenge of taking on legacy characters, Kirby’s writing, complaining comic book fans, and more! 
We enjoyed talking to Jason, and we hope YOU enjoy listenin’!
You can find Jason on Instagram; 

Jul 5, 2023

Artist, writer, filmmaker, & comic book creator HO CHE ANDERSON is back on the show for a deep dive with Tommy & Mike D. into Jack Kirby’s prescient DC Comic O.M.A.C., One Man Army Corps issue 1 from October 1974! We break that shit down! 

You can find HC on Instagram: @hocheandsrson69
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