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Jacked Kirby

Feb 22, 2023

Joey Cassata (musician, author, actor) is back with us to discuss the classic key Marvel comic, Avengers issue 1 (1963)! Plus, rockin’ with Kwarantine on the Chris Jericho cruise, making connections through fandom, Joey’s comic book collection, wrestling, comic book movies, and more!  It’s always great having this...

Feb 16, 2023

In anticipation of Marvel Studios’ ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantamania’ movie, Mike D. & Tommy discuss the comic book debut of GIANT-MAN in Tales To Astonish issue 49 (August 1963)! Ant-Man is all growds up, kids! 
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Feb 9, 2023

Tommy & Mike D. are joined by celebrated Hollywood make-up/special effects artist BART MIXON! A life-long comic book & Kirby fan, Bart talks movie magic, Kirby’s influence, Hollywood tales, and lots more! 
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Feb 1, 2023

Our good friend and creator of the best-selling ‘Olympians’ graphic novel series George O’Connor joins Mike D. & Tommy (fresh out of the hospital- again) to discuss the quintessential Kirby monster of Asgard, MANGOG! A favorite of ours here at Jacked Kirby!
Have a listen, learn, and laugh!
Speaking of laughs,...