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Jacked Kirby

Oct 26, 2023

For our last Jacktober episode of the month, we’re joined by our friends Alil Kunica and Steve Carleton, co-hosts of The Geekz Podcast, to discuss a haunted roller coaster story from Tales Of Suspense issue 30 (Marvel Comics, March 1962), ‘The Ghost Rode A Roller Coaster!’
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Oct 19, 2023

Tommy & Mike D. jump into the deep end of the spooky season with another Jacktober show; this time, “Lone Shark!” By Simon & Kirby, featured in Harvey’s Black Magic issue 33 from 1954. Fears of water, the unknown deep, atomic war, and discussion of some movies with sharks… give it a listen and have some...

Oct 13, 2023

Episode 221- “Alarming Tales!”
For our second Jacktober episode of 2023, we discuss Simon and Kirby’s Harvey Comic ALARMING TALES issue 1 (1957)! Sci-fi, psychedelia, psychological horror, and a talking dogman… this anthology comic has all the wacky stuff we enjoy!
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Oct 10, 2023

Join Mike D, one half of the Jacked Kirby team, as he joins Rob Martin (CCD) and Anthony Marino (BKOne) LIVE from INDUSTRY CITY, Brooklybn. They will be KICKING off the Super Week festivities on behalf of St Mark's Comics, will discuss spooky season and all the fantastic events coming up for all of us at Industry City...

Oct 5, 2023

It’s October, and we’re kickin’ off a month of our annual spooky-themed Jacktober episodes with a Simon & Kirby pre-code 1953 story from Prize Comics’ Black Magic issue 27, “The Cat People!”
Gypsies! Cat creatures! Cat movies! Cat fun!!!
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