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Jacked Kirby

Aug 31, 2023

This week we discuss the back-up stories from Thor issues 146-152 (1967) that tell “The Origin of… the Incomparable Inhumans!” Pure Kirby goodness (with some Stan stuff thrown in)! 
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Aug 23, 2023

This week we talk to Ryan Does, creator and host of the podcast ACROSS THE BIGFROST, which focuses on everyone’s favorite God Of Thunder, The Mighty Thor! We discuss Thor (obviously) throughout the years, the challenges involved in writing legacy characters, podcasting, fandom, the Predator movies, Kirby’s visuals,...

Aug 17, 2023

With a few more weeks of August left, Tommy & Mike D. are guest-free for this episode, having an easy, breezy conversation about what they’ve been up to this summer. Grab a cold lemonade or a strong beer and join us!
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Aug 10, 2023

Our friend TOM SCIOLI is BACK on the program to discuss his new project/book, ‘Jack Kirby’s Starr Warriors starring Adam Starr And The Solar Legion’! We also discuss Pee-Wee, Tom’s illustrated Stan Lee biography ‘I Am Stan’,  nostalgia, Go-Bots, Kirby’s storytelling, and more!
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Aug 3, 2023

Veteran comic book scribe MIKE BARON joins us this week to discuss how Jack Kirby influences writers, the appeal of the anti-hero, working on creator-owned comics vs. corporate IP, and a lot more! 
Baron is an Eisner & Kirby awards winner, and he’s still pumping out comics on the regular. You can find all of his...