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Jacked Kirby

Oct 28, 2020

Our Jacktober 2020 episodes wrap up with this foray into Forever People territory, as the team of hippie-dippy New Genesis youths team up with Deadman to solve his own murder! Fun, spooky stuff comic book stuff by The King accompanied by lots of horror movie talk (and recommendations) and some other...

Oct 22, 2020

Jacktober 2020 continues, as we discuss a Fantastic Four yarn with a link back to a classic Universal monster! Tommy & Mike D. are joined by pop-culture curator (and their uber-production guy) Rob Martin to discuss FF issue 97 (1970), “The Monster From The Lost Lagoon”! We get deep into scary movies, the creation...

Oct 14, 2020

“... for I am Groot, overlord of all the timber in the galaxy!”
Jacktober continues as Tommy & Mike D. talk about the monstrous beginnings of what would become everyone’s favorite monosyllabic tree creature, GROOT!  (Tales To Astonish issue 13- 1960.)
We discuss how a one-off creature can become so...

Oct 7, 2020

The month of October is now JACKTOBER! 
Celebrating some of Jack Kirby’s many forays into some strange and macabre superhero territory! 
For our first week, Mike D. & Tommy talk about DC’s THE DEMON, issues 11-13 (1973)! Learn the spooky tale of Etrigan’s battle with the evil Dr. Baron Von Rakenstein and his...