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Jacked Kirby

Nov 15, 2018

From beneath the surface of the Earth, Gary returns to talk with Tommy & Mike D. about Marvel Comics’ time traveling fiend RAMA TUT/KANG THE CONQUEROR! Specifically, how his past (and future) were retconned using early Marvel Universe time travel! Wacky stuff!
•Music- ‘King Tut’ by Steve Martin & The Toot 

Nov 8, 2018

Our FIVE THINGS feature is back for a third time, wherein TL & Mike D. make lists of five Kirby-centric things they like, dislike, question, etc. Joined by their good buddy Lil’ Stevie Milone (chiming in here and there), the laughs are as plenty as the Kirby info! Also, listener/follower shout outs!