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Jacked Kirby

May 18, 2022

This is part 2 of our crossover with the Hypothetical Island! Our friends George O’Connor (The Olympians) & Reilly Brown (Batman/Fortnite), hosts of the Hypothetical Island podcast join us to discuss the Marvel Bullpen, specifically cameos by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee IN actual Marvel Comics… plus, the FF, comics continuity problems, Roy Thomas controversy, Kirby’s high conceits, differences between “the Big Two”, plans for our possible Masters of the Universe-themed podcast, and a whole lot more! Fun shit!
Make sure you check out HYPOTHETICAL ISLAND (and the first part of this crossover)! They’re available on all podcast platforms, and feature a slew of great comix-related guests! 
Find them on Instagram: @hypotheticalisland
Reilly’s on Instagram: @reilly_brown
And George: @thegeorgeoconnor
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